• George

Working Around Procrastination

Procrastination is your enemy....sometimes! Thinking through an idea is part of the creative process. It allows us to fine tune the the elements of a project, but you have to get the ball rolling and accomplish something every day. If you're trying to start a business or beat someone to the patent office, you need to set deadlines for phases of the project by writing down your ideas within a timetable for various steps. You have some control over your part of a particular project, even if you can't rush the patent office or other wonderfully efficient government entity. Here's what i do: I start EVERY MORNING by writing down what i plan to accomplish during the day. You should start as soon as you wake up, before checking emails, or facebook, or whatever the hell is on a newsfeed. You don't need distractions , you'll get enough of those throughout the day with family obligations, work, and other responsibilities. When you get your creative process into gear early, ideas will flow for the rest of the day. If you commute, instead of listening on the radio to some idiot morning jocks telling lame jokes...listen to a podcast or a TED talk on youtube or something motivational. You can even record ideas that come to you on your phone {but don't text and drive cuz i may be on the same road}. If you adopt these habits you will make progress.


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