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By bringing together novices and experts, skilled trades people and hobbyists. Whether you are an artist, mechanic, lawyer, tech guru, teacher, or student everyone has something to gain and something to offer in the creative process. You may have an idea for a gadget to use in the home or a solution to an existing problem on a bigger scale. Ideas that don't get set in motion will remain dreams until you take action, so for example =if you have an idea for a book you may need to know how to get your work edited, printed, published and any legal and financial requirements before distribution. If you have an idea for a tool or product , you may need a drawing for the patent office, an attorney to perform a patent search and file the necessary applications. You may need to make a working prototype and if all goes well...a way to manufacture and sell. You may need to incorporate and get an accountant and obtain financing or investors. Whatever your goal, THIS SITE IS FOR YOU ! I encourage you and other like minded people you know to join and contribute, teach, and learn. EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO OFFER.


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